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When joining any gym you need to feel out the place and see if you like the atmosphere and see if it’s “Your” place for you. Here at CBJJ Team we offer a family like atmosphere, where you can feel comfortable to work out without judgement or feeling out of place. “Everyone is very friendly and makes you feel like you’re welcomed” Students at the gym always say the time at first visit. We are here to help you meet your goals either from weight loss, self discipline, self defense, and or join an amazing community that fits your needs. Weather your looking to enhance self defense skills or incredible full body workout we can help you achieve this. Perfect for all children, women and men of all levels of experience with classes formatted to stay challenged week after week. This gym is different from any other gym in the area due to we teach all  aspects of the true Brazilian jiu jitsu such as self defense brazillian jiu jitsu, competition brazilian jiu jitsu , mix martial arts fights. Learning with a 4 degree black belt with over 30 years experience in the art of Brazillian jiu jitsu 3 world mma fighter, black belt in judo, belt belt in kickboxing, teacher of Muay Thai, and certified in IBJJF and LBJJ. 


We offer Brazillian jiu jitsu class from kids starting at the age of 4 and up. Each class for the kids are broken up by age groups that everyone can learn at the same level and not feel they are a beginner in an advanced class. We always make sure the safety for all kids inside our mats with teaching to correct discipline and respect for their friends while training. Every child that comes on the mat will learn the basics positions for the first couple class, while others might be a little more advanced positions but still feel a part of the team. 

We also offer Brazilian jiu jitsu adults class for 16 years and up with all types of experiences, from none to having years. Each class is always different and works with the beginner positions to more advanced positions in the same class so everyone and work together as a team. With a great warm up to get your body hot and moving and then followed with positions that will get you thinking and wanting more. We always finish off with a great stretch to increase flexibility and improve, reduce body aches, and range of motion.

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