As a beginner do I need to spar?

No. Beginner classes focus on teaching basic techniques and safety, and you can then work your way up to controlled sparring in class.

Will learning this sport help my child/teen in school?

Yes, we are a firm believer in this, this sport helps build confidence and self-esteem and help them in school.

Do you offer a places to change in and out of uniform?

Yes we have places for both female and males to change before and after classes

Will fake nails/ long nails be ok on mat?

We need to make sure the safety of all students and make sure all nails are short and clean due to we use out hands in the sport. Having long nails could hurt yourself or teammates.

Can I wear jewelery?

We tell everyone please keep at home or bring a bag to put your personal belonging in. Having earrings are very dangerous for not only you but your teammates, watches on wrist could prevent not doing a position correctly as well as hurt yourself or break. Necklaces can get broken/pulled during class since we do chokes.

What should i bring to my first class?

A please bring water with you, a towel if you feel you would need it easy in and out shoes to slip on and off mat, since there are no shoes allowed on mat.

What should I wear to a class out?

You should wear comfortable clothes for sports, women should wear t shirt or tank tops that are not low cut, men need to wear shirts under uniforms, protective wear for men.

How do you go up in belt rank?

We follow the IBJJF rank system for all of our students.

What are the ages groups you offer?

The ages groups are meant to help everyone learn at there own level and still feel part of the team even if they are just starting 4-6 years old, 7-10 years old, 10-14 years old, 15-up.

What ages can people start classes for BJJ?

We start them at 4 years old and up never too old to start something new, we are here to help you and understand your needs.

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Martial Arts Instructors

CBJJ team offer class for kids, women, and men. All class are designed to teach students how to defend themselves in any situation, and focus on increasing cardio, strength, endurance, flexibility, coordination, and discipline.
Master Cesario de Souza has 33 years experience in sports and competitions. Trained in Gracie Jiu Jitsu Brazilian professor in the methodology (Pippa Maguila)(Carlos Valente)(Gracie Ricksom). He is certified by the CBJJ, INJJF, USBJJF, CBJJE, and IBJJ. Master Cesario has 28 years experience in Jiu-jitsu, 10 years in MMA, 10 boxing and Muay Thai.

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